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Spotlight & Giveaway: COLTON by C.J. Carmichael

 CJ Welcome to HarlequinJunkie!

Sara: If you had to sum "Colton: Rodeo Cowboyin 100 words or less, what would you say?
CJ: My hero, Colt Hart, made a mistake in his past. That mistake has haunted him ever since and I loved writing about how he finally comes to terms with what he did and sets himself on the path of redemption.

Sara: What was the hardest part of writing 'Colton: Rodeo Cowboy'?
CJ: It’s always a challenge when you have to mesh your story with those of 5 other authors. But I considered myself lucky to work with Cathy McDavid, Roz Denny Fox, Shelley Galloway, Marin Thomas and Linda Warren. They all have the three qualities that I love to see in people I work with: talent, a good work ethic, and a terrific sense of humor!
Sara: What was your favorite chapter (or part) to write and why?
CJ: I absolutely loved the scene where Colt meets his—Oh, no, sorry, I can’t tell you the rest because that would be a spoiler! If you read the book, you’ll know what I’m talking about. I cried when I wrote it, and so did my editor.

Sara: Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?
CJ: Well, I’m addicted to home improvements. I just redecorated my office and it was a huge project. The end result is pretty though. Lots of storage and great lighting and a lovely chair to curl up in. You can see the results on my Facebook Page! http://on.fb.me/M6vfEE

Sara: How did you chooce the Genre/sub Genre (American Romance) you write in?
CJ: I wrote for Harlequin Superromance for many years, but I found myself lacking inspiration for that next book. My editor said, if I wanted to try writing about cowboys, I should submit a proposal to American Romance. It was just the boost I needed to come up with some more story ideas.

Sara: How do you conceive your plot ideas? How do you get inspired for it?
CJ: I like stories with lots of family dramas and interesting secrets… For the Harts of the Rodeo, the broad story outlines were conceived by Senior Editor Kathleen Scheibling. She did a great job and I loved Leah and Colt (the hero and heroine of my book) right from the start.

Sara: What next? Can you share a little of your current work with us?
CJ: I’m already living and writing in my world of Coffee Creek, Montana. The first book comes out in January 2013. Just imagine you had a whirlwind courtship with a fellow, were sure you had fallen in love, and then he had a head injury and forgot he’d ever met you. What happens next? That’s the premise of: Remember Me, Cowboy.

Thanks for the invite Sara! I love hanging out with people who love books!

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Interview with Colt & Leah

Sara: What is your greatest accomplishment?
Colt: Hell, there’ve been quite a few. Maybe qualifying for the world championships four years running. Then there was the year I took five all-arounds in just two months. No, wait, my greatest accomplishment has to be  winning my Dodge Truck this spring at the National Circuit Finals. Have you seen my truck? It’s a real beauty.
Leah: My greatest accomplishment is helping Colt stuff his head inside his cowboy hat every morning.

Sara: What do you most enjoy about rodeo?
Colt: Is there anything not to enjoy about rodeo?
Leah: What about rain, Colt?
Colt: You’re right, honey. Rain really sucks. You’re not too fond of it either, are you?
Leah: Especially not flash floods. (She shudders)

Sara:  If you could change one thing about yourself what would it be?
Colt: Silence.
Leah: I’d regret my first marriage, but if I hadn’t married Jackson then I wouldn’t have my incredible kids Jill and Davey.
Colt: I regret not stepping up to my responsibilities right from the get-go. There are lost years that I will never get back.

Sara: What is your most treasured possession?
Colt: If we’re talking things and not people, I’d have to say my truck.
Leah: I’m pretty fond of Colt’s truck, too. Just kidding! Jill and Davey’s baby pictures beat out that hunk of metal any day.

Sara: What do you dream of?
Colt: Building Leah a house where we can raise our children and grow old together.
Leah: Growing old with Colt. Being with him every day, if possible.

Sara: If you could change one thing about your family what would it be?
Colt: It would sure be nice if my older brother Ace could become my younger brother. I’d like to try ordering him around for a decade or two.
Leah: I wish my Mom and I had talked more, about the things in life that really matter. On the other hand, I probably wasn’t ready to listen to her until I’d grown up and had children of my own.

Sara:  What was the most serendipitous moment of your life?
Colt: When I walked into the Open Range Saloon this spring and saw the love of my life sitting right there on the bar stool.
Leah: Yes. That was a good moment, all right.
(They Kiss...)


  1. Sounds like a good book to read.

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    I love western romances and when the hero has to redeem himself - sign me up! I am adding this to my TBR list.

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  11. A note from CJ

    Hi Everyone! I'm in Montana right now, on holiday, and having trouble finding Internet coverage. But I want to thank you for your interest in the Harts of the Rodeo series. I loved writing Colton's story. To me he was the most interesting, infuriating and sexy of all the Hart brothers. But I may be prejudiced!

    Good luck to everyone! Hope you are enjoying the Hart family!



  12. I adore cowboy romances ! It is the "I fight to protect my own " attitude that gets me everytime and also those stestons ! Thank you for the totally incredible giveaway !

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  18. Infiniteth--I ran your question by Colt and he tells me that he hates the rain because the outdoor arenas get muddy and it makes the rodeo cowboy's job that much harder... :)

    Lady--the cover cowboy is pretty cute, huh?

    Desere--yes, that fight to protect my own thing is pretty appealing to me, too. Guess we're not as 'evolved' as we sometimes think we are!

    Thanks again to everyone who is enjoying the Hart family and their stories. And thanks especially to Sara for creating this great section for our stories.

    Happy Summer Reading everyone!