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Every author brainstorms her book differently, but one of the more popular approaches to creating characters is to use photographs of real people who possess the traits we envision in our hero and heroine.  For those of you who are curious….here are the photos some of us used while writing our books.   

BEAU: Cowboy Protector    

Heroine: Sierra Byrne, 31, a graduate of the famous CHIC program (Cooking and Hospitality Institute of Chicago) relocated to Roundup, Montana, five years ago after her parents died in a plane crash.  She converted the old newspaper building on Main Street into the Number 1 Diner.

Hero: Beau Adams, 32, a non-identical twin to Duke Adams, was born and raised in Roundup, Montana.  He lives on Thunder Ranch where he helps with the cattle and bulls.  He’s well-known for his custom-made saddles and has set his mind on winning a national title in bull riding.   

Jordan Peterson, 58, is a widow and Sierra’s blind aunt.  Jordan was born and raised in Roundup but went away to college and married a man in the military then settled in Florida.  Jordan returns to Roundup to lend support to her niece, who faces an uncertain future, when she runs into her old flame, Joshua Adams and the sparks fly!

Joshua Adams, 58, is a widower and father to Beau and Duke, brother to Sarah Hart, the matriarch of Thunder Ranch.  Joshua doesn’t care that his high school sweetheart is blind, she makes him feel alive again and he wants a second chance at love with her.

Duke: Deputy Cowboy

Angela (Angie) Barrington  age 29
5' 1" petite but strong, has blonde hair and blue eyes
Angie moved to Roundup to live with her grandparents who owned Barrington Animal Rescue Ranch when she was pregnant with her son, Lucas, now 8.  After the death of her grandfather, Angie assumed running the rescue ranch.  Having been badly treated and dumped by Luke's father, a hot-shot Texas rodeo champion, Angie steers clear of rodeos and rodeo riders.  Her main passion is for saving animals, (some which were mistreated in rodeos, a condition she thinks is more prevalent than stockmen let on) and
raising Lucas, who within the last year has developed a debilitating stutter.

Luke is skinny, freckle-faced, and wants badly to make friends his age.

Angie also makes and sells a horse treat, a cookie.  It's the main source of her funding to keep the ranch running, but she worries that in order to expand her business, she's short-changing Luke.

Dylan (Duke) Adams   age 32
6' leanly muscled  He has brown hair and brown eyes
Duke Adams is a Hart cousin.  He's a part time deputy in Roundup, MT under his cousin, Sheriff Dinah Hart.
He's also a part-time bull rider who has almost racked up enough points to qualify for the national finals.
Like all of the Hart offspring, Duke contributes a portion of his winnings to his Aunt Sarah Hart to help with finances at Thunder Ranch, a place where they all grew up and still love.
Roundup used to be a wonderfully safe small ranching town, but a series of ranch break-ins and thefts are plaguing Dinah and Duke.
Duke, quiet and a bit shy, has never been the most outgoing member of the family.  His main companion is a German Shepherd, Zorro, that he raised from a pup.  As a boy, Duke stuttered and he found it easier to hide out watching old spaghetti western movies than to interact with others, until his cousin, Ace, coaxed him out of his shell and taught him to ride bulls.  It's a sport Duke has come to love.

Tomas: Cowboy Homecoming

Staff Sgt.Tomas (Tuf) Hart (28) Dark brown hair, brown eyes.

Tuf, the youngest son of the Hart family, returns home from the Marines and becomes part of the Hart family again. But he suffers from PTSD. He’s trying to put the war behind him. All he wants is a normal life.

Cheyenne Wright Sundell (27) Long, dark red hair, green eyes.

A former barrel racer, Cheyenne returned home to Roundup, Montana, after her abusive Marine husband committed suicide. She’s struggling to put her life back together and raise her three year old twin daughters.

Sarah Hart – the family matriarch

Buddy Wright (Cheyenne and Austin’s father)

COLTON: Rodeo Cowboy

CJ’s inspiration for the hero, heroine and setting of her Harts of the Rodeo book.

**All material provided by authors**

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