Deputy Cowboy                      
by Roz Denny Fox

Duke, His Heart Is On The Line:
 Deputy sheriff and aspiring rodeo star Dylan “Duke” Adams has his hands full with the recent string of burglaries in Roundup, Montana, especially when the thief strikes at his family’s ranch. Duke is trying to focus on the case, but he can’t stop thinking about a different thief—the petite blonde who just stole his heart.
Angie Barrington can’t stand the rodeo. Though she’s seen plenty of abused rodeo animals at her rescue ranch, for Angie it runs even deeper. No matter how kind and compassionate Duke is, at the end of the day he’s still a cowboy. Right?
When Duke makes the nationals, he finally has a chance to bring prestige—and much-needed money—to Thunder Ranch. But if competing means losing the woman of his dreams, how can he ever win?

Duke and Angie talk about Love, Life and Romance...

What is your greatest accomplishment?
Duke: Working up the nerve to ask Angie for a date.
Angie: Deciding to leave Texas when I was pregnant and almost broke.

What trait is most important in a friend?
Duke: Loyalty
Angie:  Trust

What do you most enjoy about your job?
Duke: Being a deputy is never boring, and it’s not all working at a desk.
Angie:  I like making horse treats that are nutritious, but that horses love.
Part time at the school---I like the people I work with, and the kids.

Who do you most admire and why?
Duke: My cousin Ace, because he’s smart, easy-going, and accepts me as I am.
Angie:  Sarah Hart, because she’s a strong woman and has held her family  together through hard times and with a deep faith.

Name your biggest regret.
Duke:  Probably that I never knew my mother.
Angie:  That work sometimes has to come before spending time with my son.

What makes you angry or upset?
Duke: When my twin brother, Beau, nags at me to ride better in rodeos.
Angie:  I get angry when people mistreat animals, or dump them like trash.

What trait would you like to change about yourself?
Duke:  I worry too much about the family.  I don’t like squabbles.
Angie:  Oh my…a too short nose, a too wide mouth, a tendency to eat too much.

What is your most treasured possession?
Duke: I’d have to say my dog, Zorro.
Angie:  A silver cross on a thin chain that belonged to my grandmother.

What makes you happy?
Duke: Watching the sun rise on a clear day.
Angie:  Seeing my son laugh.
Of what are you most afraid?
Duke:   A concern that something bad may happen to someone in my family;
my younger cousin, Tuf Hart, is in the military, you know.
Angie:   I worry most about my son’s safety.  I know you have to give a child
space, but it’s hard not to be over-protective.

If they made a movie of your life, what genre would it be? Drama, tragedy, comedy, adventure, romance, or a combination thereof.
Duke: You didn’t mention Western.  I grew up loving every John Wayne spaghetti-western, which is why I’m nicknamed, Duke.
Angie: If I go way back I’d have to say part drama, part adventure, with a hope for romance.  (The last she says with a shy glance at Duke)

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Author Info:

Roz saw her first book, Red Hot Pepper, published by Harlequin Books in February 1990.  As Roz Denny and Roz Denny Fox, to date she has written stories for various Harlequin lines, for online serials, and special projects, over 50 books in all.  Before writing and publishing Roz was a medical secretary and an administrative assistant in both an elementary school and a community college.  Part of her love for writing came in moving around with her husband during his tenure in the Marine Corps and later as a telephone engineer.  The richness in cities and diversity in friendships made crafting stories about everyday people a pleasure.  Roz also enjoys corresponding with readers either via email rdfox@cox.net, or by mail 7739 E. Broadway Blvd, # 101 Tucson, AZ 85710-3941.  To see Roz’s back list check her web site www.Korynna.com/RozFox and look for online digital copies of some of her books. 

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