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Spotlight and Giveaway: Beau: Cowboy Protector by Marin Thomas

 Joshua & Jordan: A secondary Romance

    When I was handed the short synopsis for Beau: Cowboy Protector, I was asked to include a Secondary romance between Beau's father, Joshua Adams, (Older brother to Sarah Hart) and Sierra's Aunt, Jordan Peterson,(younger sister to Sierra's deceased mother).

    I admit I was a little intimidated by the thought of writing two love stories in one book and I knew that Beau and Sierra's relationship would take up most of the page count so when I brainstormed the back story for Jordan and Joshua I decided to make their romance a "second-chance-at-love" story.

Jordan Peterson

Age 58
Born and raised in Roundup
Went steady with Joshua all through high school
Went away to college and earned a performing arts degree
Became a theatrical dance
Met her husband in California—an officer in the military.
Traveled the world with her husband
In her early thirties she was diagnosed with the same eye disease 
as Sierra Went blind in her early fifties
Her husband died of a heart attack two years ago
Owns a condo in Florida
She arrives in Roundup in July after hearing from friends that Sierra is acting strangely
Jordan has a yellow lab seeing-eye dog named Molly

Joshua Adams

Age 58
Older brother to Sarah Hart, matriarch of Thunder Ranch
Lives in a smaller house on Thunder Ranch
He's responsible for taking care of the cattle and bull-breeding operation
He moved to Thunder Ranch after his sons' mother died in a car accident when the twins were 2 He's been in love with Jordan since high school and has never gotten over her

In order to add a little tension between the older couples' romance and the younger couples' I made sure Sierra and Beau had different reactions to the older couple's relationship.  

Sierra is thrilled her aunt and Joshua are getting along and hopes Joshua can convince her aunt to move to Roundup and live there permanently.  Sierra desperately wants her aunt close by to help her navigate the rough waters ahead when she loses her eyesight.  

Beau feels a bit differently.  Ever since Jordan arrived in town his father has been passing off his ranch duties to beau and duke in order to spend time with Jordan.  And if that isn’t bad enough, Joshua warns Beau to keep his distance from Sierra because he doesn’t want anything to ruin his second chance with Jordan.  Beau is angry that his own father would put himself first and not his own son.

With a setup like that you can imagine that Beau and his father have a few confrontations, but in the end, it's a romance and everyone must get their over happy-ever-after.

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About the Author
Marin Thomas Best-selling Harlequin author Marin Thomas grew up in Janesville, Wisconsin. She left the Midwest to attend college at the University of Arizona in Tucson, where she played basketball for the Lady Wildcats and earned a B.A. in Radio-TV.  Following graduation she married her college sweetheart in a five-minute ceremony at the historical Little Chapel of the West in Las Vegas, Nevada. Over the years she and her husband and two children have lived in seven different states but have now come full circle and returned to Arizona where the rugged desert and breathtaking sunsets provide plenty of inspiration for Marin's cowboy books.  Beau: Cowboy Protector is Marin’s 22nd book for the American Romance line. For more information on Marin’s books visit and stop by her blog, All My Heroes are Cowboys, where Marin chats about the men who wear Stetsons and Wranglers


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  2. Yes, I do love secondary romances. As long as they do not take the spotlight from the primary romances lol

  3. Yes, I do. As long they have happy ending. :)

  4. Yes, I do. I find it's more of an interesting read, when you have several storylines running in the same book. Thank you for the giveaway! :D

  5. Secondary romances enhance the story.

  6. Good Morning ladies--thanks for stopping by and reading my blog at Harlequin Junkie! I can tell you when I got the plot for my book in the Harts of the Rodeo series I was a little nervous--I'd never written a secondary romance in one of my previous books and I, too worried it would take away from the primary romance between the hero and the heroine. The readers will have to be the judges on how well I did :-) Have a great week everyone!

  7. Yes I very much like secondary romances in the books which I read.
    Thanks for the giveaway.

  8. There are secondary characters that demands to have their own story told. I love the introduction of them as secondary characters. I want to know more about them and their stories.

  9. I like secondary romances in my books because I always know another book will follow!

  10. Yes, as long as he take his own part :D

  11. Happy Tuesday, everyone! It's looking like most of you enjoy secondary romances in your books as long as they don't over shadow the main hero and heroine. I've received reader e-mails in the past asking for secondary characters in some of my books to get their own story but usually in that case I haven't shown them with a love interest for thought with my future books :-)
    Thanks for all your comments!

  12. I do like secondary romances as long as that story doesn't overpower the main romance. I like how many authors (including you Marin) have written additional books based on earlier characters and romances.

  13. Love second chance romances. We all deserve a second chance sometime.

  14. I usually do like secondary romances. It can add another interesting spin on the story. Thanks for the post!

  15. When done well, I really enjoy reading a secondary romance! Sequels featuring earlier books' secondary characters are nice too, but if a sweet secondary romance can be wrapped up in the same book as the main one, it's even better--instant(ish) gratification :)

  16. Im enjoy reading a secondary romance, sometimes we have to give the chance, to look "before and after"
    Thanks for the giveaway.

  17. Secondary romances can make the story even more full of joy - love all the trials & tribulations too.

  18. Happy Wednesday, Ladies--Thank you to all the new posters who dropped by since I last checked in! I do love using secondary characters in my books that could "possibly" have their own story down the road--The Cash Brothers--my new series for American Romance kicks off July 2013 and the six brothers all make an appearance in A Cowboy's Duty as the heroine's brothers. I received a lot of positive feedback about these guys and that encouraged me to approach my editor with a proposal for their it's true that sometimes readers' comments can influence what authors write next :-)
    I've got another giveaway going at until this Friday so stop by and leave a comment & you might win a copy of Beau:Cowboy Protector there!

    Have a great day everyone!

  19. I don't mind secondary romances in a story as long as they don't overshadow the main one.

  20. Yes i do. I like it when theres the secondary characters, you can feel the tension and passion between them. Its like reading two books in one. Love it!

  21. Good morning everyone! Hope you all made it through hump day yesterday :-) With all the positive responses to including a secondary romance in a book I'm thinking we authors should be doing more of this....I can tell you that series like The Harts of the Rodeo--Born to Ride and The Codys: First Family of Rodeo have books that introduce other characters and hint about their romances in future books--one of the reasons I like not only writing a book for a series like this but reading them also.

    Have a great day everyone...the weekend is coming!

  22. Well, I enjoyed reading secondary romance, as long as it didn't take too much part and drawn the leading role instead.

    Thank u for this giveaway :)

  23. Hi AmelArmeliana--welcome and thanks for dropping by the blog! I think you're like most readers--you like a secondary romance but you don't want thatcouple to upstage the main hero and heroine--I hope I accomplished that in Beau: Cowboy Protector.

  24. I love, love secondary romance in a book. Thanks for the chance.