Monday, October 1, 2012

Austin & Dinah talk about Life, Love and Rodeo...

AUSTIN: Second Chance Cowboy     

What is your greatest accomplishment?

Austin: Being a different man than my father.
Dinah:  Becoming Roundup’s sheriff.

What trait is most important in a friend?

Austin:  Humor
Dinah: (looking a little uneasy) Trust and Patience, I suppose. I haven’t had too much time for friends lately.
Austin: Which is why, Dinah, everyone around you needs a sense of humor.
Dinah:  Next question, please?

What do you most enjoy about your job?

Austin:Owning my own business means I’m the boss of me. I like that.
Dinah:   Helping others, especially the kids in town.

Who do you most admire and why?

Dinah: My sister, Cheyenne. She’s raising her girls on her own-and they’re wonderful girls.
Dinah:  My mother.

Name your biggest regret.

Austin: Damn, these questions are getting pretty personal. (swallows) All right, here goes. My biggest regret is that I drink too much. I’m working on this though.
Dinah:  That my father didn’t see me become the sheriff. He would’ve really liked that.

What makes you angry or upset?

Austin: When people think I’m just like my dad.
Dinah:  When people underestimate me.

What trait would you like to change about yourself?

Austin: I hold grudges and keep everything inside. Shoot-is that two traits?
Dinah:  Austin, I’m surprised you didn’t have a whole laundry list.
Austin: Just answer the question, D.
Dinah:  All right, the trait I would most like to change is my insecurity. I kind of have a hard time seeing myself as a woman and a sheriff.
Austin: I don’t have any problem seeing you like that.
Dinah:  Shut up, Austin.

What is your most treasured possession?

Austin: Can’t say that I have one. Yet.
Dinah:  One of my father’s old flannel shirts. If you close your eyes and hug it tight, it smells just like him.

What makes you happy?

Austin: Coloring with my nieces.
Dinah: My mother’s home cooking.

Of what are you most afraid?

Austin: Of losing everything I’ve worked so hard to achieve.
Dinah:  Of being alone for the rest of my life.

If they made a movie of your life, what genre would it be?

Austin: Oh, heck…it would have to be just about everything…and just to let you know…my life ain’t even close to being over.
Dinah:  I think my movie would be an action-adventure. Being a sheriff gives me some pretty eventful days, you know…


  1. Austin and Dinah are quite a pair. Opposites attract, but they also compliment each other. I love this series and the cowboys. Thanks to the brain behind it's idea and characters.

    1. Hi Suzanne! I love this series, too! I've really enjoyed getting to know all the cowboys and the women who love them. I will share that when I first started Second Chance Cowboy, I was sure Dinah and Austin were complete opposites. But then, as I got to know them, I realized that they were actually a lot alike...they'd just covered up their vulnerabilities with tough coverings. I enjoyed making the two of them come to life. Shelley Galloway